Here's why health-minded people are trying and sticking with Venus Williams' new plant-based meal shakes

1. It Satisfies Your Tastebuds

It is hard to understand how it can be SO healthy and still taste SO FREAKING GOOD. Say goodbye to that chalky stuff you tried that one time. Like most of us, Venus was not willing to sacrifice taste, which is why she spent years collaborating with vegan chefs & nutritionists to ensure Happy Viking was nothing short of craveable. It appears her taste buds are in good company.. According to a recent survey, 93% of folks who have tried Happy Viking say it’s the best tasting plant protein shake they’ve ever had!

2. It Helps You Make a Complete Meal in Seconds

This is a super healthy MEAL, not just a protein supplement. In addition to 20g of complete plant based protein, it packs 1 full cup of fruit & vegetable phytonutrients, 2800mg MCT oil, 32mg DHA omega-3s, 1 billion probiotics, ancient grains, prebiotic fiber, electrolytes, essential vitamins & minerals, polyphenols, quercetin & more. Can you remember the last time you had a meal delivered that much nutritional density? You’re not alone...

3. It Saves You Time at the Grocery Store with over 60+ Functional Ingredients

Venus became passionate about exploring plant-based nutrition after being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Sjögren’s Syndrome in 2011. She spent years doing research and working with world-class nutritionists to optimize her diet. Looking for an easy way to get the complete plant based nutrition her body needed each day, she started creating her own shakes, including superfoods & whole food ingredients.

4. It Can Help You Manage Cravings & Calories

Unhealthy cravings are often the result of eating nutritionally incomplete meals, which leaves your body somewhat malnourished and hungry for something more. These shakes are high in nutrient density and low in calories (150 cal) - which makes it perfect to keep hunger at bay for hours for anyone watching their calorie intake. Formulated to have the ideal balance of all 3 macronutrients -- protein, fiber, and healthy fats, your body will be very, very satisfied.

5. It Gives You Peace of Mind with a Clean Label

Whether you’re a label reading aficionado, or a professional athlete - you’ll feel nice & cozy when you read through the ingredients. No gmo’s, gluten, soy or dairy. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. No animal products. No preservatives. None of the bad, only the good.

6. It Shortens Your Food Prep Time

An incredibly healthy & tasty meal in seconds! Take 2 scoops of Happy Viking, add water, mix and enjoy. Whenever you’re in a pinch for time or don’t feel like shopping & cooking, you’ll still be eating well. To make it even easier, they offer an auto-delivery subscription program so you never run out.

7. It Might Even Save You a Few Bucks

You don’t need to be wealthy to eat healthy! Part of Venus’ goal is to make healthy eating more accessible -- these shakes deliver world class nutrition at a fraction of the price of going to boutique health food stores to buy all of the individual ingredients yourself. By producing these shakes at scale, we are able to source the best quality at the best prices, delivering top of the line ingredients at less than $3.00 per meal!

8. Its Money-Back Guarantee Takes the Risk Out of Trying Something New

Over 93% of people who try it say Happy Viking is the best tasting plant protein they've ever had, but on the off chance you don’t agree -- they’ve got you covered. If for any reason you are not satisfied, they offer a 100% money back guarantee! If you’re even just a little curious.. Why not try it for yourself? It’s risk free!

9. You'll Be Joining A Growing Community of Fun, Supportive & Amazing Health-Conscious People

I'm not just talking about all the people who have left raving 5 star reviews and told everyone they know about it, we're talking about world class athletes who joined Team HV, including Megan Rapinoe, Kevin Durant, Serena Williams, Michelle Wie & more! A movement is taking shape...

 If you’ve made it this far, it’s clear you are serious about living a healthier lifestyle!

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